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Implementing CVI Strategies Into AAC Instruction – A Panel Discussion with Gabriela Berlanga, Diego, and Gabriela (Gaby) Mangino, Diego’s Mother

Live webinar: March 24, 2021
2 – 3 PM PST

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There was a tremendous response to Gabriela Berlanga’s webinar on, “Implementing AAC Strategies into AAC Instruction – A Case Study.” We ran out of time to respond to many of the questions that were raised during and immediately after the session.  This follow-up webinar will give Gabriela the opportunity to answer more of the questions that were submitted and provide additional examples of the intervention strategies that addressed Diego’s vision, his language and his education.  She will be joined by Diego, the subject of her presentation, and Gabriela (Gaby) Mangino, Diego’s mother, as many of the questions can best be answered by them.  Thanks to everyone who has submitted questions.  Join us as Gabriela, Gaby and Diego respond.