The Bridge School

AAC Workflow


  1. Pay for conference through secure payment site
  2. Follow link from payment confirmation email to create your user account
  3. Once you receive confirmation of your conference access you may login to the AAC page and view your conference content and materials

Online Administrators

Adding Users to a group

  1. Login to the dashboard, then select Users from the sidebar. All users are placed in the Registered group by default.
  2. To add a user to a new group click on the checkbox next to the user’s name in the Username column (you can select multiple users to add to the same group simultaneously.
  3. Click on the Choose groups box above the list of users and choose the group from the dropdown menu that you would like to add the selected users to (you can do this multiple times if the users need to be added to more than one group).
  4. Click on the Group Actions box and select Add to group from the pulldown menu. To remove a user from a group follow steps 1-3 and on step 4 select Remove from group from the pulldown menu.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. The groups that the users have been added to should now be displayed in the Groups column of the users list.

Note: Group restricted content is layered so all users should remain in the Registered group to be able to see all the content they are supposed to have access to. Members of the AAC Host group should also be added to all other AAC related groups to have full access to all AAC content.