The Bridge School

Activity 1: Meet and Greet

Learning about each other: Students and mentors get to know each other, share how they communicate and learn more through questions and guided conversation.


Students and mentors meet for the first time to share information and learn about each other.

Students gain an understanding of the role of a mentor and how they will be working together.

Mentor Preparation


  • prepare 5 pieces of personal information to share (e.g., I am…, I live…, I have…, I like to…, I…,)
  • meet online with mentor team to review content
  • prepare 3-5 questions to pose to the mentees in order to get to know them
  • role-play with Self-Determination Program (SDP) staff prior to the Meet & Greet session with the mentees


Mentors and mentees introduce themselves. Mentors share a few pieces of personal information, including what they use to communicate. SDP staff introduce the topic of self-determination and the concept of mentors/role models. To help the students gain additional information, mentors and mentees talk about people in their lives that they may see as a role model/mentor. The mentors and mentees have an opportunity to ask and answer questions about each other.[/column]