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Testing lists and bullets<br />In order to address the needs of students at The Bridge School, we have established the following Essential Eligibility Criteria that must be met for further consideration of your application by our Intake Team:<li>The student must have complex communication needs associated with severe speech and physical impairment. In other words:<ul><li>The student requires the use of a modality other than natural speech as a primary communication mode to meet daily communication needs.</li><li>The student’s primary diagnoses includes orthopedic impairment.</li><br />
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</li><li><p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>The student’s chronological age must be at least 3 years of age at the time of projected initial enrollment. We are certified by the State of California to serve students who are in preschool through grade 5.</span></p><br />
</li><li>The child’s age, gender, skill and ability profile must fit the specifications for the anticipated classroom opening(s).<ul><li>Each year, we select eligible applicants who most closely fit the student profiles that have been determined for the available classroom openings and projected instructional groupings.</li><li>Due to our mission and the design of our education program, we are unable to consider applications for students with the following characteristics or learning needs:<ul><li>Challenging behaviors that require a formal behavior plan and/or would significantly impact classroom management and participation of other students.</li><li>Diagnoses or behaviors that require an educational approach not offered at Bridge School or would be better met in an educational setting other than Bridge School including autism, severe/profound hearing impairment, severe visual impairment that is primary over other diagnoses, pre-intentional behavior and pre-intentional communication.</li><li>Health conditions/medical care needs that cannot be met by current Bridge School staff or would require additional specialized medical judgment/expertise to be safely and properly addressed in our educational setting.</li><br />
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Using the above criteria, once we have determined that an applicant is an eligible candidate, the application is referred for full review using our Additional Selection Considerations.Unfortunately, we are unable to make specific recommendations for educational placements and related services for students who do not attend The Bridge School. Our application review process is intended solely for the purpose of recommending students for enrollment at The Bridge School.


5/12/2021 —  Employment Opportunity – Speech-Language Pathologist

A unique opportunity to work in an Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in an Educational Environment with children ages 3 – 12 who have severe physical impairments and complex communication needs that require augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Full position description and application process at:

—  Children With Cortical Visual Impairment and Complex Communication Needs: Identifying Gaps Between Needs and Current Practice

Over half of the students at The Bridge School have Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). This impairment impacts EVERY aspect of their lives. Over the years, the staff has reached out for help; however, they often found that little information was available for them or the children’s parents, which prompted us to take a closer look … Continue reading

—  CVI Webinar #4: Implementing CVI Strategies into AAC Instruction – A Case Study Archive available

The star of this webinar is Diego who has complex communication needs and cortical visual impairment. The presenter describes her experiences in learning about CVI and how to implement a program that supports Diego’s use of his vision with particular emphasis on how CVI impacted his access to language and literacy. The presentation illustrates how … Continue reading

—  Employment Opportunity: Instructional Assistant

The Bridge School is looking for a dynamic, positive and energetic individual to serve as an Instructional Assistant (paraprofessional)  in our school program and become a part of our interdisciplinary teams. We serve children between the ages of 3 – 12 with severe physical and speech impairments. Duties include assisting in instructional activities, providing physical … Continue reading

5/11/2021 —  CVI Webinar #6: Register Today

The Significance of Self-Initiated Mobility Experiences for Children with CVI, Complex Communication and Physical Impairments with Christine Wright-Ott Live webinar: April 21, 20211 – 2:30 PM PST Register for the live webinar today! This webinar will discuss the use of hands-free support walkers and demonstrate how these mobility devices can change the lives of children … Continue reading

5/8/2021 —  CVI Webinar #5: Register Today

Implementing CVI Strategies Into AAC Instruction – A Panel Discussion with Gabriela Berlanga, Diego, and Gabriela (Gaby) Mangino, Diego’s Mother Live webinar: March 24, 20212 – 3 PM PST Register for the live webinar today! There was a tremendous response to Gabriela Berlanga’s webinar on, “Implementing AAC Strategies into AAC Instruction – A Case Study.” … Continue reading

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